Manning In Line For Hefty Payday

According to the news, On the basis of interviews with various officials and staff of people, Eli Manning seems to be in line for a period of seven or eight years of the contract, worth $ 110 million to $ 120 million to $ 40 million guarantees. The Giants quarterback is an agent after the 2009 season, and the plan reported Giants Manning to a contract worth 100 million $. Like the other teams have shown, giving a lot of money for quarterbacks like Donovan McNabb, Carson Palmer and Peyton Manning Michael Vick sometimes works and sometimes doesn t. Not Eli Manning t finish the 2008 season on a good note, but still a great opportunity to be handsomely compensated to win Super XLII last season. NFL salaries aren t guaranteed, of course, and Manning will probably not receive all the money included in his next contract.

16.1.09 11:45

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