Former Sox Voted To Hall Of Fame

Electee to spend his entire career with one team and only the fourth to do with Boston, joining Bobby Doerr, Ted William and Carl Yastrzemski. Henderson has appeared in 72 games for Boston in 2002, marking the first time a couple of Red Sox gained induction in the same year since Carlton Fisk and Tony Perez in 2000. Rice received 412 of 539 votes cast by eligible members of Baseball Writers Association of America, 76. 4 percent of the total, an increase of 4. Jim Rice was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame became one of 32 players Red Sox to receive the honor. L 8 percent of the votes. He is 48. Also elected by Rice was Outfielder Rickey Henderson, 94. 2 percent in its total in 2008 when he finished 16 votes shy of the necessary 75 percent.

16.1.09 11:45

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