An Ode To Khan

I knew these characters well. Khan was responsible. I grew up on Fantasy Island. And I still remember seeing one of the ten best science fiction film ever made, Star Trek II: The wrath of Khan, and how hard film that struck me as a child. Star Trek reruns were a way of life in the 80s. L man was in many ways a childhood icon. Spock dying was unthinkable. C was the largest to see him fight a version of the balloon BLOWUP Priscilla Presley in the first film Naked Gun. I have seen death and Spock died at the hands of an evil god called Khan. On the street outside the theater, not matter whether the poster for the search for Spock had already hung in the lobby. And when it happened, it was devastating.

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Manning In Line For Hefty Payday

According to the news, On the basis of interviews with various officials and staff of people, Eli Manning seems to be in line for a period of seven or eight years of the contract, worth $ 110 million to $ 120 million to $ 40 million guarantees. The Giants quarterback is an agent after the 2009 season, and the plan reported Giants Manning to a contract worth 100 million $. Like the other teams have shown, giving a lot of money for quarterbacks like Donovan McNabb, Carson Palmer and Peyton Manning Michael Vick sometimes works and sometimes doesn t. Not Eli Manning t finish the 2008 season on a good note, but still a great opportunity to be handsomely compensated to win Super XLII last season. NFL salaries aren t guaranteed, of course, and Manning will probably not receive all the money included in his next contract.

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Former Sox Voted To Hall Of Fame

Electee to spend his entire career with one team and only the fourth to do with Boston, joining Bobby Doerr, Ted William and Carl Yastrzemski. Henderson has appeared in 72 games for Boston in 2002, marking the first time a couple of Red Sox gained induction in the same year since Carlton Fisk and Tony Perez in 2000. Rice received 412 of 539 votes cast by eligible members of Baseball Writers Association of America, 76. 4 percent of the total, an increase of 4. Jim Rice was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame became one of 32 players Red Sox to receive the honor. L 8 percent of the votes. He is 48. Also elected by Rice was Outfielder Rickey Henderson, 94. 2 percent in its total in 2008 when he finished 16 votes shy of the necessary 75 percent.

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Mafia Ii Holiday Confessions

The much-awaited result of the game Mafia acclaimed 2002: The City Of Lost Heaven ( Xbox and PS2 versions shipped in 2004), Mafia II is still being developed by Illusion Softworks maker, now known as 2K Czech.. You may have seen the debut of the new trailer Mafia II during last year Spike Video Game Award, but now you can check or download a new extended version of this trailer in HD sparkling below.

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User Blog By Springsdream 02 47 Am Pst

FedEx Cup Champion Vijay Singh is under the knife on Wednesday to repair a torn meniscus that he ironically suffered in Tiger Woods Chevron World Challenge a few weeks ago, according CBSSportsline. Com. Singh will be the object of an arthroscopic knee surgery Wednesday and this will be action for at least five weeks.

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